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About Tahquetta

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Don't let one of the problems of life be your website. Let me take care of that...technically I've got your back!

Hi, I'm Tahquetta. I think you probably already figured that out that. I am an  educator by trade with 16 years of teaching experience. As a creative person, with a love of technology teaching others has come naturally. Designing and creating digital products is something that I absolutely love and enjoy. 

After a brief break from education, I started a business to share my passion and have taken a huge interest to the digital world throughout the entire pandemic. A 10-month trip to SugarLand, TX paired with a trip back to North Carolina pushed me to start Technically Tahquetta Designs and so this chapter begins.

My friends and family will tell you that I love technology....and I do, so technically speaking I'm doing something that I really love and enjoy.

From Design to Doorstep (2).png
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